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The Institute of Physics is a part of the College of Mathematics, Physics and Materials Science. There are seventeen faculty members, one research postdoc associate, six staff members and one administrative assistant working in the Department. Faculty and students participate in research to enhance the educational process and make new discoveries in physics and astronomy.

The history of the Department traces back to 1947. It was just one lab, which was then embedded within a Physics Division. Such a division existed until 1985. Since 1985 the Physics Department has consisted of 5 divisions.

Today’s structure of the Department exists since 2017 and consists of three divisions, astronomy, experimental physics, theoretical physics and physics education.

Labs are integral parts of the Department. These are two physics labs used for undergraduate and graduate programs, physics education lab for K-12 students, as well as research labs, Ferroic Physics Lab, Nanostructure Lab, Mossbauer Spectroscopy Lab, Astronomy Lab. In Gorce mountains, Mount Suhora Observatory serves as a professional observatory and an educational site for students and outreach.

Faculty and staff members publish a large number of scientific papers of international standing. They collaborate with other scientists on five continents.

The Department offers undergraduate, graduate and PhD programs.